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What is it ?

  • It is science of analysing raw data
  • It reveals trends and metrics about the data which can be then used to optimise processes to increase the overall efficiency of a business or a system

Steps involved in the Data Analysis

The following are the techniques involved in data analysis. Thanks to the current technological advancements, these techniques are now automated with the help of algorithms that work over raw data for human consumption.

Why does it matter ?

Data analytics is important because it helps businesses optimise their performances.

  • Companies can implement data analytics into their business model to reduce cost by identifying more efficient ways of doing business and by storing large amounts of data.
  • Companies can make better decisions and understand customer trends and satisfactions. This an lead to new and better products/services.

Types of Data Analytics


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I am fed up with pests… Now I understand that gardening is not so easy.

Initially I had a hibiscus at my home. It was perfect when I brought it our home. Was blooming well… Then came these ugly little things on the buds. I initially thought that those are from the flowers itself. After few days, my hibiscus looked very exhausted…. Starving…. Despite the fact that I water twice a day. One fine evening I decided to spend some time with it… (trying to talk the problems 😉 ). When I was checking the leaves… On the bottom of the leaves there were tiny small insects moving within the leaves. It was a nightmare… Believe me it was the bad than the best horror movie ever made.

Not being an expert… I googled and found that they are called aphids. Tiny sucking insects which sucks the life of plants.

You know : Aphids can reproduce itself without a partner.

And there were probably billions of them in my plant. No wonder it was starving. I rushed to the shops for buying pesticides. I tried for couple of weeks. But no luck. Then I made this very hard decision. I dont want to abandon my hibiscus and at the same time I cannot watch it suffer. So I took a scissor and cut down all the leaves and branches till the bottom of my hibiscus. It was an horrible moment… I imagined someone cutting me into pieces… How painful it would be… I could imagine how painful it was for her.

Couple of days passed… There was a first new leaf on her. I was so happy that she survived all those painful moments. Now there are bunch of leaves and she looks very healthy.

Moral of the story:
Gardening comes with great responsibility. You have to spend some time with your plants. Do some checks if she is ok & healthy. You have find about pests at the early stage…. Otherwise if the infestation is massive you don’t other options. Cut down the infested areas so that it does not spread to other areas…

Next story: About my roses… Stay Tuned…

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My Pet

When I was a kid, we had a dog. I was very young, I could not even remember his name. He died in a small accident.
After that, I could not get another one. My mom was against having pets.

So from childhood, i love to have pets. When I grew up, i promised myself that i would get a pet after my marriage.
And i expressed my interest to my husband [before my marriage] and he agreed to that [even though he does’nt liked pets].

All these stories are very old…

Now the current story, I still love to have pets and my husband does’nt. So you could know now…that i do not have a pet.

For the past years, I was thinking so hard to fill the position of Pet.

And now I got one.

Here it goes….It does not move…does not poop….does not make noises…However its very pretty…colourful…and earth friendly.
Guess what….A Plant…actually two plants…Both of them healthy…happy in my home now…

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It was 6:15 PM in Singapore and I was at my desk working as usual. And then I felt that some one is rocking my chair. And after few seconds I realised that it was an earthquake. The building was shaking and we all should rush down to a safety place. But imagine coming down from 30th floor as ideally that’s what you should do in case of emergency. But nah! I took the elivator hoping that it won’t crash in between the floors. And we all came down safely and stood outside a 60 storey building. If you look for a safer shelter in the city limit I would say that we do not have one. We are surrounded by tall buildings and I could not imagine what would happen if any one of them crashed.

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After long queue and waiting for more than seven hours, I managed to get my iPhone 3gs. First impression I got when I had a look at the phone “may be it’s quite heavy than my xperia. And my second worry when I was holding my iPhone was about the keypad and how am I going to use it for messaging.

But here i am, writing this post from my iPhone. Using keypad is extremely easy… Far better than qwerty keyboard. Just in case by accident if you have pressed a wrong key, dont worry! iPhone will rectify the error for you.

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I am not able to eat properly…
I am not able to sleep properly…

No No No…You have guessed it wrong…I am not in LOVE ♥ … Well I am in Love ♥…but not a new lover who has the above symptoms…

I am wondering ….What happened to me then…. 😦

Let me think more ….
When I try to be idle…I am thinking of some thing.
When I try not to think…My mind suddenly reminds me of some problem.
When I wake up in the morning, First thing that comes to my mind is “do I have to goto Office early today ?”.
When I switch on my laptop, First thing I am doing is “Trying to connect to my office network”.

Oh My….Some thing really bad has happened to me..
What should I do ? I should go away from my Office…Work…Or my usual stuffs which i do..


Vacation ? Where Should I go ? I dont want to go to a bigger place, roam around…looking at the places…

Nah…I would prefer to go to office and work for 24 hrs instead of this.

What I need is a RELAXING Vacation. Get away from my usual stuff, Do Something for Myself…Sit relaxing on the shores of the beach…Watch the nature..

Wow…that would be my perfect Vacation… And the place I have decided is Phuket.

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Net PC

Bharti Airtel, the largest mobile operator here, has just launched a new device called Net PC, which as the name suggests, is a low cost computer designed specifically for cloud computing. The device is powered by Windows XP (not Linux as you would expect) and costs INR 5,000 (or $100) in India.

The Airtel NetPC is a small device that takes the place of customer’s regular PC.

airtelpcIt’s designed to be Incredibly simple to use – take it out of the box,plug in the cables,and it is ready to use.
The hardware & Software for NetPC is provided by Nivio while the internet connection is provided by Airtel

1…2…3… Viola you have a PC

Step 1 – Connect a keyboard, a mouse and a monitor to the relevant ports
Step 2 – Plug in the LAN Ethernet Connection. Minimum speed 256 Kbps
Step 3 – Login and start using like any PC

It is easy to configure…
affordable by everyone…
And we need to make few compromises

1.  Cannot download any software on to the device
2.  No inbuilt CD/DVD drive inside the device
3.  Unable to play games
4.  Unableto play movies or video files
5.  Hardware cannotbe up-graded (if required)

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