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Go 2 Web 2.0 is a site that indexes all Web 2.0 applications and lets you search the applications based on the task you want to complete. For example, if you wanted to edit a photo but were unsure what application you needed, just search for “photo editing” and Go 2 Web 2.0 will provide a list of all Web sites that allow you to you edit images online. Go 2 Web 2.0 has indexed over 790 Web 2.0 sites so it is quite a useful site to bookmark.


Movers 2.0 is a simple website for tracking “Web 2.0″ traffic trends. The website uses Alexa data for traffic analysis.

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Evolution of Web 2.0

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Crazy Hack 1: Edit any webpage..

Go to any web page, clear the address bar, and paste this…

javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0

and hit enter…

Yaahhooo…!!! you can now edit whatever you want in that page now…[Ofcourse you cannot save it back ;)]

Crazy Hack 2: Dancing Images

Go to any web page, clear the address bar, and paste this…

javascript:R=0; x1=.1; y1=.05; x2=.25; y2=.24; x3=1.6; y3=.24; x4=300; y4=200; x5=300; y5=200; DI=document.images; DIL=DI.length; function A(){for(i=0; i-DIL; i++){DIS=DI[ i ].style; DIS.position='absolute'; DIS.left=(Math.sin(R*x1+i*x2+x3)*x4+x5)+"px"; DIS.top=(Math.cos(R*y1+i*y2+y3)*y4+y5)+"px"}R++}setInterval('A()',5); void(0);

and hit enter…

And….Enjoy the Image Dance…

Source: Digg.com.

If you like this stuff…Then Digg it… :))

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This video shows what happens if you accidentally misspell google.com and instead put in goggle.com. This leads to a website for “Spysheriff”, which is malware/fraudulent spyware program that puts fake alerts of various infections on your computer along with installing a large amount of other junk.

Do Not Try this….When your computer does not have necessary fix packs and security fixes.

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Nov 13 2006

Sun released the first pieces of source code for Sun’s implementation of JSE (Java Platform Standard Edition) and a buildable implementation of JME (Java Platform Micro Edition). Sun will also be making JEE (Java Platform Enterprise Edition) available under the GPLv2 license. JEE had already been available under Sun’s CDDL (Common Development and Distribution License), through Project GlassFish.

All of the Java source code is scheduled to be released by March 2007. 

Sun states that this announcement represents one of the largest source code contributions under the GPL license, and also that it is the open-sourcing of one of the industry’s most significant and pervasive software platforms.


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Researcher demonstates Adobe Reader attack

Malicious code can be installed through legit features.

A security researcher claims it is possible to install malicious code on a user’s computer through standard Adobe Reader features.

David Kierznowski has published proof of concept documents for exploiting the ubiquitous software that are not traditional software code flaws, but instead demonstrate a new trend affecting desktop applications – the use of legitimate features for dangerous ends.

“Recently, there has been alot of hype involving backdooring various Web technologies,” said Kierznowski in his study. He said PDF documents seem like an obvious target because they support JavaScript, but found that exploitation wasn’t straightforward, partly because Adobe supports its own JavaScript model.
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FROM 2007:

Daylight Saving Time begins for most of the United States at 2 a.m. on the second Sunday of March.
Time will revert to standard time at 2 a.m. on the first Sunday in November.

Read More … How DST affects Java Applications and How it can be solved…


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Its really very fast…..I am posting now using Advanced Browser…..
Similar to IE….Have all features of Mozilla Firefox…Very Light…..
Download size is approximately 1.5MB….

Advanced Browser


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The two-tier application programming model was developed to enhance the file server application programming model. As compared with the file server application programming model, the two-tier application programming model provides you with improved usability, scalability, and flexibility of applications.

In Two-Tier model, you will have two seperate layers namely Client & Server.


The applications developed using the two-tier application
programming model have a user-friendly interface.
These applications can support only a few users and
allow data to be shared within a homogeneous environment.

Example of the Model

The various tiers in a two-tier architecture are separated from each other by physical boundaries.
These physical boundaries can be machine boundaries, process boundaries, or corporate boundaries.


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DB2 Q & A

1) How would you find out the total number of rows in a DB2 table?

Use SELECT COUNT(*) … in db2 query

2) How do you eliminate duplicate values in DB2 SELECT ?

Use SELECT DISTINCT … in db2 query

3) How do you select a row using indexes in DB2?

Specify the indexed columns in the WHERE clause of db2 query.

4) How do you find the maximum value in a column in db2?

Use SELECT MAX(…) .. in db2 query

5) How do you retrieve the first 5 characters of FIRSTNAME column of DB2 table EMP ?



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