After long queue and waiting for more than seven hours, I managed to get my iPhone 3gs. First impression I got when I had a look at the phone “may be it’s quite heavy than my xperia. And my second worry when I was holding my iPhone was about the keypad and how am I going to use it for messaging.

But here i am, writing this post from my iPhone. Using keypad is extremely easy… Far better than qwerty keyboard. Just in case by accident if you have pressed a wrong key, dont worry! iPhone will rectify the error for you.


When iPhone was released, lots of people complained about the 2 Mega Pixel camera. And I could’nt stop laughing at them when I look at these statistics in Flickr.

iPhone tops the Popular Camera Phones in Flickr. The other camera phones are not even close 😉

Popular Camera Phones In Flickr

Popular Camera Phones In Flickr

Not even that. It is also an equal competitor to cameras as well. It tops the popular Cameras in Flickr :).

Look at the overlap between Canon and iPhone. I am sure that with iPhone 3GS, it can easily make a significant difference.

Popular Cameras In Flickr

Popular Cameras In Flickr

Need a Vacation

I am not able to eat properly…
I am not able to sleep properly…

No No No…You have guessed it wrong…I am not in LOVE ♥ … Well I am in Love ♥…but not a new lover who has the above symptoms…

I am wondering ….What happened to me then…. 😦

Let me think more ….
When I try to be idle…I am thinking of some thing.
When I try not to think…My mind suddenly reminds me of some problem.
When I wake up in the morning, First thing that comes to my mind is “do I have to goto Office early today ?”.
When I switch on my laptop, First thing I am doing is “Trying to connect to my office network”.

Oh My….Some thing really bad has happened to me..
What should I do ? I should go away from my Office…Work…Or my usual stuffs which i do..


Vacation ? Where Should I go ? I dont want to go to a bigger place, roam around…looking at the places…

Nah…I would prefer to go to office and work for 24 hrs instead of this.

What I need is a RELAXING Vacation. Get away from my usual stuff, Do Something for Myself…Sit relaxing on the shores of the beach…Watch the nature..

Wow…that would be my perfect Vacation… And the place I have decided is Phuket.

Welcome Back Steve


End of days for Apple …
All over the place….iPods, iPhones, Macs are lying dead…
And PC’s are taking over….with help of Windows 7…
And….And…much more things…which I can’t imagine right now… 🙂
Steve Jobs dressed in an aluminium dress..perfectly cased as if it was custom made for him….
With iPhone 3GS dangling all over his shoulders and Leopard Snow held in his right hand as if he is holding a Big Gun…

And then he says “I am Back”

in the exact same tone…how Arnold used to say in Terminator :).

Yes indeed…Steve is back to office yesterday. For full story read the CNBC Story

Firefox Boss Key

You are reading this Post from your work place….And suddenly your boss appears from no where…

Well Dont Panic….First this is only a scenario…its not real [i hope]… And Second…You do have an option to escape such cases…

First You need to use firefox 🙂 [I guess you can live with this constraint anyway Firefox is far better than IE]..Then install BossKey addon to Firefox.

Boss Key for FireFox

Once its installed, you can set any hotkeys…So next time…you read some thing in your firefox and when your boss comes to your place…All you need to do is press the hotkeys…and Firefox will hide itself in the system tray…:)

Is’nt it very useful. 😀

Flickr Helper

Your harddisk crashed ???

You lost all your precious photos ???

Ah Do you have them in Flickr ? Well there is a good news then….You can download all the photos from flickr using a small windows based utility.

Whats the big deal – “I can already download from my Flickr account” ?

Flickr Down

Well using this utility you can download all your photos in Bulk ….:) Yes you read it correct ‘Download in Bulk’.

Install the software…Login to you flickr account…Select the sets you want to download… 🙂

Memory Game

Wanna play a memory game ?

With nice collection of photos from Flickr ?

Have a wonderful game here…