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I am not able to eat properly…
I am not able to sleep properly…

No No No…You have guessed it wrong…I am not in LOVE ♥ … Well I am in Love ♥…but not a new lover who has the above symptoms…

I am wondering ….What happened to me then…. 😦

Let me think more ….
When I try to be idle…I am thinking of some thing.
When I try not to think…My mind suddenly reminds me of some problem.
When I wake up in the morning, First thing that comes to my mind is “do I have to goto Office early today ?”.
When I switch on my laptop, First thing I am doing is “Trying to connect to my office network”.

Oh My….Some thing really bad has happened to me..
What should I do ? I should go away from my Office…Work…Or my usual stuffs which i do..


Vacation ? Where Should I go ? I dont want to go to a bigger place, roam around…looking at the places…

Nah…I would prefer to go to office and work for 24 hrs instead of this.

What I need is a RELAXING Vacation. Get away from my usual stuff, Do Something for Myself…Sit relaxing on the shores of the beach…Watch the nature..

Wow…that would be my perfect Vacation… And the place I have decided is Phuket.

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Last snow of this winter

Its snowing here for the past two days. I can say “I am very lucky”, as its snowing at the end of winter. Initially I was very excited about my trip to Zurich as I wanted to experience snow. But eventually the plan postponed due to various reason. I was depressed a bit since I will be missing the snow. Now I feel excited.

When I watched the last week weather forecast, they mentioned that it will snow from Monday. When it was Monday, I was disappointed to see bright Sun. Then it started with Snow flurries near Monday evening. But this does’nt made me happy as it was not accumulating. I waited until Monday midnight hoping that it would accumulate and then I went to sleep with disappointments.

But Nature gave me pleasant surprise on Tuesday morning. Everywhere I saw, it was white. The white coating seem so pure, so fresh, so perfect, so beautiful…It makes me realize that God has really good taste. Everything is new and fresh to me. I came out to my balcony to say hello to Snow. And I guess Snow liked me very much. It was drizzling. It was so tiny..so pure..it just floated in wind…danced a bit…then it rested on the trees…on the roads…on everything..that does’nt move. I wanted to stand still on my balcony so that snow can rest on me a bit too…But I could’nt..It was too cold…

[rockyou id=61750112&w=500&h=376]

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In Zurich

I am in Zurich Now…Its beautiful….

Will Post photographs in the following post…

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Place: Orissa – India

This temple is built by King Narasimha Deva-I of the Ganga Dynasty. Legends say that the temple was built by 1200 peoples in 12 years. And this temple was built in sea. Now the sea has moved away from this temple. When king demanded to finish the temple, they had one missing piece to be completed on the top of the temple. But none of the 1200 people could climb the temple in order to finish it. Then Dharmapada the 12 year old son of the chief architect Bisu Maharana arrived there as a visiting onlooker. He observed the architecture of temple. Eventhough he did not had any practical experience on the architecture he studied it very soon. Then he climbed the temple and finished the last missing piece on the top. When the king found out that 12 Year kid could do what 1200 people failed he ordered to execute 1200 people. But Dharmapada felt very guilty, so he sacrificed his life to save his community. His body was found on the sea beach at the foot of the temple.

wheel1.jpgThe temple was built in the form of huge chariot of the Sun god fitted with 24 wheels i.e. 12 wheels in both the sides and 7 horses in front of the temple. The alignment of the Sun Temple is on the east-west direction.

This 24 wheels signify 24 hours of the day and the 7 horses stand for 7 days of a week. Some also say that this 24 wheels stand for 24 fortnights of the year and 7 horses represent 7 colors of the Sun ray. The 8 spokes in the wheel symbolize 8 Praharas of the day and the entire wheel has been worked out as a Sun-clock to know time according to the position of the Sun during the day time.

Temple Views


Sun God & SunSet

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Place: Bhubaneshwar – Orissa [India]

Full View of the Temple

The entire temple is maintained by Japanese. You can see lots of Japanese Writings / Sayings inside the temple.

Lions Guarding the Temple

The temple is surrounded by Lions in each direction facing outwards.

Close Up’s Of Buddha

People say that you can never lie in front of this buddha. You can feel the power if you stand in front of him.
He smiles so gently, you can’t think wrong about anyone in front of him.

Blood River

When Kalinga war happened, this river was full of blood. After seeing the blooddy river, king Ashoka gave up WAR.

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My New Car

DOB: 13 Jan 2007

Colour : Black

Make : Toyota

Model : Rush








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Could you believe..that the below posted photographs were taken in less than 5 minutes after rain stopped…!!!

I hate Singapore When it rains…As Rain disturbs normal life style..
I Love Singapore…Because After it stops raining..you cannot find a single trace of Rain….:)

Rain Drops !!!

Rain Drops....


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Rain In Singapore

Its Sunday….. “Kutty…Wake Up…” – I can hear his sweet voice…

I barely opened my eyes….to see his face…He smiled at me….

I woke up atlast….Went to my window….surprised to see this beautiful scene…

Rain In Singapore


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It was Awesome…. Good Thriller….

I found hard getting sleep after I saw the movie, I felt as if my bed room was full of snakes…

[Eventhough I will get frightened pretty soon….which will last for a week or so…But this movie is really frightening…]

How I went for the movie:

To be frank, I never heard of this movie until I went to the theater. And I was not intended to watch this movie.

Here goes my story…

Aug 26 2006
My friend has come to my place from India. And we all decided to watch tamil movie “Vetaiyadu Villaiyadu”.
But we could’nt get tickets as it is the first day of the movie in Singapore.

Then I browsed gv.com.sg in searching of good English movies…Found Pirates of Caribean still running..

I was Exited…[I was dying to see this one in IMAX]…And I bought the ticket for the movie in one of the IMAX theater.

We all went to the theater happilly…bought Popcorns, Cokes, Nachos etc., Went to the Cinema Hall..Found that some other movie was running..We were told that the previous session has not ended. We waited for 10 mins..

Then we were restless …went to the counter…

Then we realised that the showtime was Today [Aug 28] 9 PM.. 🙂

What else could we do then…Other than this…
Booked Snakes On a Plane 🙂

Movie Story goes like this..


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