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Acknowledgement: Thanks to my reader ‘Rakesh’ for pointing out this wonderful video

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Yet another blunt copy…

Microsoft copies Apple’s workgroup manager Icon. Details Here.

But it seems both Microsoft & Apple are customer of IconFactory.Take a look here: http://iconfactory.com/design/clients

Neither group designed their own icons and most of the work was done by the same company, IconFactory. Since this single company is creating for both OSes, we have reason to believe that both will look similar and neither is copying.

Eventhough…Microsoft has changed its icon now…

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Microsoft has built a feature into Office 2007: Reduced Functionality Mode.

Reduced Functionality mode is triggered whenever Office 2k7 fails activation. This can happen when the program is initially run after installation, or if it fails a subsequent check following an Office update. Once the switch is thrown, Office continues to run, but with the following restrictions:

  • You cannot create new documents.
  • You can view existing documents. However, you cannot edit them.
  • You can print documents. However, you cannot save them.

Microsoft is not just limiting Reduced Functionality Mode to its Office programs, however. The company is also planning to introduce reduced functionality limitations to Windows Vista, which also must be activated after installing. Copies of Vista that fail the activation process will have the Aero visual effects disabled and any “Premium” or “Ultimate” features deactivated.

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Microsoft Windows Birthday

Happy 21st Birthday Microsoft Windows.

Microsoft Windows 1.0 was released on November 20th, 1985. And now Microsoft is ready for releasing its new OS Vista.

Vista will be released on Jan 2007 approx.

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Microsoft has released an interim build of Windows Vista to 100,000
Customer Preview Program (CPP) participants, and made the new build
available on TechBeta, TechNet, TAP and MSDN

Any member or subscriber to TechBeta, TechNet, TAP and MSDN can download it for free.

The latest version speeds up the installation and upgrade procedures,
so that when you install or upgrade, the process goes more quickly than
it did in earlier builds, the company said. The release also includes
bug fixes and other minor improvements to the “fit and finish” of the
operating system.

The build, 5728, is the first public release of a new Vista version
since the debut of Release Candidate 1 (RC1) on 1 September
, which had
version number 5600. Microsoft does not view it as a milestone or major
revision and released it primarily to get feedback on the upgrade and
installation experience, it said. The new release also includes overall
performance enhancements, improved stability and allows users to turn
off the start-up music.

The 100,000 CPP participants who received the newest build were
chosen at random. In addition, any member or subscriber to TechBeta,
TechNet, TAP and MSDN can download it for free.

Microsoft has said Windows Vista will be in the hands of volume
licence customers by November and available to consumers by the end of

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OSDL expects low cost Linux Office version to keep Open Office at bay. Microsoft within the “next couple of years” will release a version of its Office productivity to run on Linux, Stuart Cohen, chief executive for the Open Source Development Labs, predicted in an interview with vnunet.com at the Linuxworld conference in San Francicso.

“They did it once with Apple, they will do it again with Linux,” Cohen said

The OSDL consortium aims to advance Linux and open source. The organization employs Linux founder Linus Torvalds and is funded by IT vendors including IBM, HP and Intel.

The software developer will be compelled to create a Linux version in a move to preempt the further rise of the open source Open Office productivity suite, Cohen argued.

“They’ll go fight the total cost of ownership with a very inexpensive office solution. I don’t think that they will open source Office , but they will make it available to run on Linux desktops.”

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