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Everyone has a personality of a cartoon character. Have you ever asked yourself what cartoon character do you most resemble?

Key Points:

  • Answer all the questions with what describes you best.
  • Add up all your points (which are next to the answer that you choose) at the end.
  • look for your results.

Now Start to find who you really are..

1. Which one of the following describes the perfect date?

a) Candlelight dinner (4 pts.)
b) Fun/Theme Park (2 pts.)
c) Painting in the park (5 pts.)
d) Rock concert (1 pt.)
e) Going to the movies (3 pts.)

2. What is your favorite type of music?

a) Rock and Roll (2 pts.)
b) Alternative (1 pt.)
c) Soft Rock (4 pts.)
d) Country (5 pts.)
e) Pop (3 pts.)

3. What type of movies do you prefer?

a) Comedy (2 pts.)
b) Horror (1 pt.)
c) Musical (3 pts.)
d) Romance (4 pts.)
e) Documentary (5 pts.)

4. Which one of these occupations would you choose if you only could choose one of these?

a) Waiter (4 pts.)
b) Professional Sports Player (5 pts.)
c) Teacher (3 pts.)
d) Police (2 pts.)
e) Cashier (1 pt)

5. What do you do with your spare time?

a) Exercise (5 pts.)
b) Read (4 pts.)
c) Watch television (2 pts.)
d) Listen to music (1 pt.)
e) Sleep (3 pts.)

6. Which one of the following colors do you like best?

a) Yellow (1 pt.)
b) White (5 pts.)
c) Sky Blue (3 pts.)
d) Dark Blue (2 pts.)
e) Red (4 pts.)

7. What do you prefer to eat right now?
a) Snow (3 pts.)
b) Pizza (2 pts.)
c) Sushi (1 pt.)
d) Pasta (4 pts.)
e) Salad (5 pts.)

8. What is your favorite holiday?

a) Halloween (1 pt.)
b) Christmas (3 pts.)
c) New Year (2 pts.)
d) Valentine’s Day (4 pts.)
e) Thanksgiving (5 pts.)

9. If you could go to one of these places which one would it be?

a) Paris (4 pts)
b) Spain (5 pts)
c) Las Vegas (1 pt)
d) Hawaii (4 pts)
e) Hollywood (3 pts)

10. With which of the following would you prefer to spend time with?

a) Someone Smart (5 pts.)
b) Someone attractive (2 pts.)
c) Someone who likes to Party (1 pt.)
d) Someone who always has fun (3 pts.)
e) Someone very sentimental (4 pts.)

Now add up your points and find out the answer you have been waiting for!

(10-16 points) You are Garfield: You are very comfortable, easy going, and you definitely know how to have fun but sometimes you take it to an extreme.You always know what you are doing and you are always in control of your life.

(17-23 points) You are Snoopy: You are fun, you are very cool and popular. You always know what’s in and you never are out of style. You are good at knowing how to satisfy everyone else.

(24-28 points) You are Elmo: You have lots of friends and you are also popular, always willing to give advice and help out a person in need. You are very optimistic and you always see the bright side of things.

(29-35 points) You are Sponge Bob Square Pants: You are the classic person that everyone loves. You are the best friend
that anyone could ever have and never want to lose.

(36-43 points)You are Charlie Brown: You are tender,you fall in love quickly but you are also very serious about all relationships. You are a family person.

(44-50 points) You are Dexter: You are smart and definitely a thinker. Every situation is fronted with a plan. You
have a brilliant mind. You demonstrate very strong family principles.

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Every February, across the country, candy, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine.

But who is this mysterious saint and why do we celebrate this holiday?

Valentine was a holy priest in Rome, who, with St. Marius and his family, assisted the martyrs in the persecution under Claudius II. Claudius II had a rule in his empire that no soldiers should marry. Claudius thought that married soldiers weren’t as good as single soldiers.During a ban on marriages of Roman soldiers by the Emperor Claudius II, St. Valentine secretly helped arrange marriages. So Claudius commended him to be beaten with clubs, and afterwards, to be beheaded, which was executed on February 14. On the evening before Valentine was to be executed, he passed a love note to his jailer’s daughter that read, “From your Valentine.”

Other Variations

White Day – March 14.

Men are expected to return the favour to those who gave them chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Many men, however, give only to their girlfriends. Originally, the return gift was supposed to be white chocolate or marshmallows; hence “White Day”.

Black Day – April 14

This one emerged in Korea, when males who did not receive anything for Valentine’s Day gather together on this day.

Pepero Day – November 11

On this day young couples give each other romantic gifts. This one is celebrated in South Korea.

Night of Sevens [Chinese Valentines Day]

Its on the 7th day of the 7th month of the lunar calendar. Young girls traditionally demonstrate their domestic arts, especially melon carving, on this day and make wishes for a good husband. This year its on 19th August.

Tanabata – Seven Evenings[Japanese version of night of sevens]

Its on July 7th on the solar calendar. The story behind the Tanabata is a very interesting one. A young farmer named Mikeran saw a robe lying on the ground one day and decided to take it away to his hut. However, soon after that, a beautiful goddess descended from the skies and asked him, “Have you seen my celestial robe? I cannot return to the skies without it!” Mikeran lied and told Tanabata, the goddess, that he had not but he would help her look for it. Gradually, they fell in love and got married and had many children. However, one day when Mikeran was out working on the fields, Tanabata noticed a shiny piece of cloth poking from the thatched roof. She pulled it and to her dismay, it was her celestial garment! When Mikeran returned and saw her garbed in it, his heart stopped because he knew that she knew he had lied. He fell on his knees begging her to forgive him, but Tanabata had only one thing to say, “Mikeran,” she said, “If you really love me, you will weave 1000 pairs of straw shoes. Only then will I return to you.” She said this and then disappeared. Mikeran tried his best to weave the shoes but could not weave them in his lifetime, thus he never met Tanabata again. However, it is said that they meet once in a while when the moons/stars Altair and Vega intersect.

St. Faustine Day – Feb 15

This is the day of singles. All the people not engaged in a relationship go out to meet their potetianl new mate. Thanks to Mr. A

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Archaeologists in Italy have dug a pair of human skeletons, their arms still wrapped around each other in an eternal embrace.

skeletons-embracing.jpg Archaeologists unearthed the skeletons dating back to the late Neolithic period outside Mantua, 25 miles south of Verona, the city of Shakespeare’s story of doomed love.

Buried between 5,000 and 6,000 years ago, the prehistoric pair are believed to have been a man and a woman and are thought to have died young, because their teeth were found intact, said Elena Menotti, the archaeologist who led the dig.

Experts will now study the artifacts and the skeletons to determine the burial site’s age and how old the two were when they died, she said. The finds will then go on display at Mantua’s Archaeological Museum.Establishing the cause of death could prove almost impossible, unless they were killed by a debilitating disease, a knife or something else that might have left marks on the bones.

The two bodies, which cuddle closely while facing each other on their sides, were probably buried at the same time, an indication of a possible sudden and tragic death.


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Acknowledgement: Thanks to my reader ‘Rakesh’ for pointing out this wonderful video

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Talented Begger

Now this is what called as Real Talent….

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How does an ABCD (American Born Confused Desi -Indian) explain to his younger brother the topic – When and how did Diwali begin? This is how he goes about it…(preferably read it with an American accent)

So, like this dude had, like, a big cool kingdom and people liked him.
But, like, his step mom, or somethin’, was kind of a bitch, and she forced
her husband to, like, you know, send this cool dude, he was Ram, to some national forest or reserve or somethin’.

Since he was going, for like, somethin’ like more than 10 years or so,
he decided to take his wife and his bro along. You know… so that they
could all chill out together. But dude, the forest was reeeeeeal scary shit,
really man, they had monkeys and devils and shit like that. But this
dude, Ram, kicked their ass with darts, bows and arrows, so it was fine. But then some bad gansta’ boys, some jerk called Ravan, picks up his babe (Sita) and lures her away to his hood. And boy, were our man, and his bro Lakshman, pissed! And you don’t piss this son-of-a-gunz ‘coz, he just kicks ass and like, all the gods were with him. So anyways, you don’t mess with gods.

So, Ram and his bro get an army of monkeys. Dude, don’t ask me how they trained the damn monkeys, just go along with me, OK. So, Ram, Lakhs, and their monkeys whip this gansta’s ass in his own hood. Anyways, by now, their time’s up in the forest and anyways, it gets kinda boring. You know no TVs or malls or shit like that. So, they decided to hitch back home.

His bro and the wife are back home. People thought, well, you know,
atleast they deserve somethin’ nice and they didn’t have any bars and clubs in those days. So they couldn’t take them out for a drink, so the people decided to smoke or shit. And they also had some lamps, they lit the lamps too.
So it was pretty cooool… you know with all those fireworks really,
they had some local band play along with the fireworks, and you know what, dude, that was the very first, no kidding, that was the very first
musical-synchronized fireworks. You know, like the 4th of the July
stuff, but just more cooler and stuff, you know. And, so dude, that was how, like, this festival started. Cool!!!

Diwali Rocks Maaaan!

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Here are the snaps of Mehandi Function…

The Mehndi function happens the day before the wedding. This is the day when the girl puts the henna die patterns on her hands and feet to make them look beautiful.
It is a ladies party as everybody applies haldi to the bride to bring out her fair complexion.

Surya - Jo


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Could you believe..that the below posted photographs were taken in less than 5 minutes after rain stopped…!!!

I hate Singapore When it rains…As Rain disturbs normal life style..
I Love Singapore…Because After it stops raining..you cannot find a single trace of Rain….:)

Rain Drops !!!

Rain Drops....


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Rain In Singapore

Its Sunday….. “Kutty…Wake Up…” – I can hear his sweet voice…

I barely opened my eyes….to see his face…He smiled at me….

I woke up atlast….Went to my window….surprised to see this beautiful scene…

Rain In Singapore


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It was Awesome…. Good Thriller….

I found hard getting sleep after I saw the movie, I felt as if my bed room was full of snakes…

[Eventhough I will get frightened pretty soon….which will last for a week or so…But this movie is really frightening…]

How I went for the movie:

To be frank, I never heard of this movie until I went to the theater. And I was not intended to watch this movie.

Here goes my story…

Aug 26 2006
My friend has come to my place from India. And we all decided to watch tamil movie “Vetaiyadu Villaiyadu”.
But we could’nt get tickets as it is the first day of the movie in Singapore.

Then I browsed gv.com.sg in searching of good English movies…Found Pirates of Caribean still running..

I was Exited…[I was dying to see this one in IMAX]…And I bought the ticket for the movie in one of the IMAX theater.

We all went to the theater happilly…bought Popcorns, Cokes, Nachos etc., Went to the Cinema Hall..Found that some other movie was running..We were told that the previous session has not ended. We waited for 10 mins..

Then we were restless …went to the counter…

Then we realised that the showtime was Today [Aug 28] 9 PM.. 🙂

What else could we do then…Other than this…
Booked Snakes On a Plane 🙂

Movie Story goes like this..


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