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Last snow of this winter

Its snowing here for the past two days. I can say “I am very lucky”, as its snowing at the end of winter. Initially I was very excited about my trip to Zurich as I wanted to experience snow. But eventually the plan postponed due to various reason. I was depressed a bit since I will be missing the snow. Now I feel excited.

When I watched the last week weather forecast, they mentioned that it will snow from Monday. When it was Monday, I was disappointed to see bright Sun. Then it started with Snow flurries near Monday evening. But this does’nt made me happy as it was not accumulating. I waited until Monday midnight hoping that it would accumulate and then I went to sleep with disappointments.

But Nature gave me pleasant surprise on Tuesday morning. Everywhere I saw, it was white. The white coating seem so pure, so fresh, so perfect, so beautiful…It makes me realize that God has really good taste. Everything is new and fresh to me. I came out to my balcony to say hello to Snow. And I guess Snow liked me very much. It was drizzling. It was so tiny..so pure..it just floated in wind…danced a bit…then it rested on the trees…on the roads…on everything..that does’nt move. I wanted to stand still on my balcony so that snow can rest on me a bit too…But I could’nt..It was too cold…

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