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Here is a skin for Windows Media Player that is based on Digg. It has the Digg color scheme, and it looks pretty good. Download it so you can think of Digg twice as much as you already do.

Artist’s Comments

Digg Media Player is a skin that I developed for Windows Media Player 10. Digg Media Player was themed using images from my favorite website, Digg.com [link]

Digg Media Player is complete with a playlist window, equalizer, video window and visualization window.

My goal for creating this skin was to give back to the digg community in any way that I could. I hope that many people will like this skin.

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Microsoft has released the final version of Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP.
Download Windows Media Player 11 Here.

Version 11 supports a redesigned user interface and incorporates seamless integration with MTV’s URGE music service. According to Microsoft, the URGE online catalog provides customers with over 2 million songs by over 110,000 artists. Microsoft is also boasting that its improved search engine in Windows Media Player 11 provides faster results than any other media player on the market.

What Has Changed in Version 11

Enhanced Look and Feel

by bhuvans.wordpress.com

Classic Menu

by bhuvans.wordpress.com

Classic Menu is turned Off by default. However you can enable it back by right clicking anywhere on Media Player.

Fast Access to Settings

by bhuvans.wordpress.com

Right-click or click the down arrow that is assigned to each activity tab (Now Playing, Library, Rip, Burn, and Sync) to reveal menu options that are relevant to each respective tab. This new feature offers quick access to the most common Player settings.

Revamped Playback Controls

by bhuvans.wordpress.com

The new playback controls are easier to find and use and feature improved repeat, shuffle, and full-screen options.

Status Area

by bhuvans.wordpress.com

With just one click, you can change the look of the area in the lower-left corner of the Player to a thumbnail view of playback status, album art, or an equalizer.

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