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A new video apparently showing Saddam Hussein after his execution with a gaping neck wound and facial bruising is posted on the Internet.

The 27-second videotape, posted on www.liveleak.com, shows the camera approaching the gurney and someone pulling back the sheet to reveal the left side of Hussein’s head.

In an accompanying audio track, one man appears to be urging the other to take a quick look and then leave.

The first man appears to be in charge, having just allowed a second man to enter the room with a video camera, which he may have mistaken for a still camera:

Man 1: “Quickly, quickly please, take one picture.”

Man 2: “Yes, I hear you.”

Man 1 (raising his voice when the video continues longer than a still shot would have required): “Come on, what’s the matter?”

Man 2: “I hear you, I hear you.”

Man 1 (to a third man): “Abu Ali, come on and deal with this.”

Man 1 (apparently irritated over the length of time Man 2 is taking): “Come on, habibi … I’ll say this one time politely otherwise I’m going to get real angry.”

Man 2: “I hear you.”

The facial bruising shown in the new video may indicate the gallows trap door was not large enough, causing him to hit his face as he dropped through the door.

A protester in Rome told CNN she viewed Hussein’s hanging the same as she would anyone else’s — saying the form of punishment is “below the international standard” of human rights.

Even in Iraq, mourners chanted, “By God, the president Saddam Hussein didn’t bow to the Americans even in the last days of his life.”

In Jordan, Hussein’s eldest daughter Raghad told a crowd, “God bless you for honoring Saddam, the martyr.”

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