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Firefox Boss Key

You are reading this Post from your work place….And suddenly your boss appears from no where…

Well Dont Panic….First this is only a scenario…its not real [i hope]… And Second…You do have an option to escape such cases…

First You need to use firefox 🙂 [I guess you can live with this constraint anyway Firefox is far better than IE]..Then install BossKey addon to Firefox.

Boss Key for FireFox

Once its installed, you can set any hotkeys…So next time…you read some thing in your firefox and when your boss comes to your place…All you need to do is press the hotkeys…and Firefox will hide itself in the system tray…:)

Is’nt it very useful. 😀

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Flickr Helper

Your harddisk crashed ???

You lost all your precious photos ???

Ah Do you have them in Flickr ? Well there is a good news then….You can download all the photos from flickr using a small windows based utility.

Whats the big deal – “I can already download from my Flickr account” ?

Flickr Down

Well using this utility you can download all your photos in Bulk ….:) Yes you read it correct ‘Download in Bulk’.

Install the software…Login to you flickr account…Select the sets you want to download… 🙂

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Do you have photos / music / other files and you are looking for sharing those files with your friends and families across the world.

Now you dont have to upload it to some other place / purchase any web space for sharing the files. You can do it with your home computer itself.

And the best part in it is.

Its is FREE.

Yes. You read it correct. The service is free.

All you need to do is install Opera Unite and you can start sharing in next 2 mins.

Opera Unite is a unique technology that turns any computer or device running Opera into a Web server.

Step 1: Download Opera Unite [http://labs.opera.com/downloads/]

Step 2: Install it.

Viola, you are now running a webserver in your home machine.

Step 3: Start the Opera Web browser (yes, that’s also you web server now) and enable the Opera Unite service from the lower left corner. Now double click the File Sharing link and select the folder whose content you want to share on the web. Any file or folder inside this folder can now be accessed over the internet – you can either use a public URL or specify a password for private sharing.

Watch this youtube video for more information on Opera Unite.

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Here is a skin for Windows Media Player that is based on Digg. It has the Digg color scheme, and it looks pretty good. Download it so you can think of Digg twice as much as you already do.

Artist’s Comments

Digg Media Player is a skin that I developed for Windows Media Player 10. Digg Media Player was themed using images from my favorite website, Digg.com [link]

Digg Media Player is complete with a playlist window, equalizer, video window and visualization window.

My goal for creating this skin was to give back to the digg community in any way that I could. I hope that many people will like this skin.

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Using Tabs

  • Open a New Tab : Ctrl+T
  • Go to the Next Tab : Ctrl+TAB
  • Go to the Previous Tab: Ctrl+Shift+TAB
  • Close the current Tab: Ctrl+W

Quick Search / Links within Page

  • To Search in Page : Ctrl + F Or /, Start typing in search box it will automatically go to the first occurance of the word, to goto the next occurance press Ctrl+ G
  • To Search Links in Page: Press [Single Quote]. This will spawn the Quick Find area at the bottom and start typing. It will show you the first match as you’re typing! To move to the next match, hit Ctrl+G
    • Hit Enter to open the Hyperlink in the current tab
    • Hit Ctrl+Enter to open the Hyperlink in a new tab

Page Navigation

  • Scroll Down one Page: Either hit Page Down or the Spacebar
  • Scroll Up one Page: Either hit Page Up or Shift+Spacebar


  • Previous Page: Alt + Left Arrow or Backspace
  • Next Page: Alt + Right Arrow
  • Refresh the Current Page: Ctrl+R
  • Refresh the Current Page (and bypass local cache): Ctrl+Shift+R – this one is good if you want to get the latest and greatest from the server, like for eBay auctions or something.
  • Go to your Home Page: Alt+Home


  • Put the Cursor in the Address Bar: Ctrl+L
  • Put the Cursor in the Search Box: Ctrl+K
  • Increase the Size of the Text on the Page: Ctrl++ (hold Ctrl and hit +)
  • Decarese the Size of the Text on the Page: Ctrl+- (same, just hit -)

Source: Firefox Support Page

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Vista Advertisement

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Google Reader should now show videos from YouTube and Google Video (and a few other sites) that you have embedded in your blog posts and articles.

Other video sites they support currently are MySpace, Jumpcut, Grouper, IFILM, Metacafe, Revver, Vimeo, vSocial, and games from Monsters and Critics.

If your favorite site isn’t listed, please tell them in the Reader group.

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It is a developer preview release of our next generation Thunderbird email client and is being made available for testing purposes only.

Thunderbird 2 Beta 2 is intended for testing community.

What’s New

  • Message Tags: Create your own tags for organizing email. Messages can be assigned any number of tags. Tags can be combined with saved searches and mail views to make it easier to organize email.
  • Visual Theme:Thunderbird 2’s theme and user interface have been updated to improve usability.
  • Session History Navigation: Back and Forward buttons allow navigation through message history.
  • Folder Views: Customize the folder pane to show favorite, unread or recent folders.
  • Improved Support For Extensions: Extensions can now add custom columns to the message list pane in addition to storing custom message data in the mail database.
  • Improved Offline Management: Thunderbird (Linux and Windows) automatically adjusts the offline state based on current network connectivity.
  • Improved New Mail Notification Alerts:New mail alerts include information such as the subject, sender and message text.
  • Folder Summary Popups: Mouse over a folder with new messages to see a summary of the new messages in that folder.
  • Saved Search Folder Performance: Search results for saved search folders are now cached, improving folder loading performance.
  • Find As You Type
  • Improved Filing Tools: Recent folder menu items for moving and copying messages to recently used folders. Move / Copy again functionality.
  • Updates to the extension system: The extension system has been updated to provide enhanced security and to allow for easier localization of extensions.
  • New Windows installer: Based on Nullsoft Scriptable Install System, the new Windows installer resolves many long-standing issues.
  • MacOS X Universal Binaries

Download ThunderBird Here…

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Expected Release Date: Quarter 3 of 2007

The proposed major theme for Gran Paradiso is “improved information and content management”. Gran Paradiso will continue to improve in areas where they have traditionally been strong in: security, usability, extensibility and customization, performance, web standards and compatibility.

You can find the Requirement Document of Firefox 3 here…

Some of the Interesting Requirements I found on their wiki:

  1. Enhancement on Add On Feature
  2. Plugin support for Flash, Acrobat, WMV, Quicktime, Java
  3. Enhancing Printing Support
  4. Save web pages as PDF documents. – I Love this requirement. I always wanted to grab the page as PDF and save it for later reference.
  5. Support pause/resume for downloads.
  6. Integrate with Windows Vista parental controls.
  7. Tab Grouping.

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Why Firefox Wins?

Why Firefox wins against other popular browsers….

This is what they say ….

Source: Firefox Wiki

Firefox will win because:

  • Users and developers love the extensions and customization available for Firefox
  • Perception of fast & slim. For AJAX apps, we are faster.
  • Perception of security and safety
  • WebDev segment love the product for its web compatibility and standards compliance
  • Developer tools and support
  • Brand value and open source (Participatory culture and community ownership model – by the Web, for the Web)

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