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View images of distant galaxies and nebulae from the Hubble Space Telescope.

You can see thousands of stars and galaxies. Its like viewing the heaven right from my desktop…

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This would be a cool feature in google reader… I have lots of friends who does’nt use google reader… Now I can share the feed through email…


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Gmail is now a public beta in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Brazil, Australia, Russia and Japan, according to BBC.

But from Singapore I am not able to Sign up directly. Gmail is asking for mobile number, then it sends the invitation code as SMS.

I am not sure whether its the same in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Brazil, Australia, Russia and Japan. Anyone from those places can sign up without invitation code…?

UPDATE: People who does’nt want to do sign up using mobile invitation, post your email address as comments. I will send you gmail invitation.

UPDATE 1: Its Official announced now…Gmail is open for public…This time its real…

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Google Keywords

  • info – Shows the Wiki Page as the first result. Try “Web 2.0 info”
  • time – Gives you the current local time. Try “time Singapore”. [Acknowlegment: Thanks to my blog reader destinyking. He mentioned this tip to me]
  • currency – Gives you the Country Currency with ISO Code. Try “currency india”
  • define – Gives you the webdefinitions. Try “define java”
  • books – Book Search. Try ‘books on java’

Knowing Current Exchange Rate

[Unit] [ISO Source Currency Code] in [ISO Target Currency Code]

Try ‘1 SGD in INR’

Search within Files

[Search Keywords] filetype:[extension]

Try ‘Java filetype:pdf’

Supported Extensions:

  • Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf)
  • Adobe PostScript (ps)
  • Lotus 1-2-3 (wk1, wk2, wk3, wk4, wk5, wki, wks, wku)
  • Lotus WordPro (lwp)
  • MacWrite (mw)
  • Microsoft Excel (xls)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt)
  • Microsoft Word (doc)
  • Microsoft Works (wks, wps, wdb)
  • Microsoft Write (wri)
  • Rich Text Format (rtf)
  • Shockwave Flash (swf)
  • Text (ans, txt)

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No GMail for Europe

German users can’t sign up for “gmail.com” accounts, they get “googlemail.com” instead.

Daniel Giersch, a German-born 32-year old entrepreneur, has just announced that his company received a positive ruling last week from the Harmonization Office supporting his claim that “Gmail” and his own “G-mail” are confusingly similar. G-mail is a German service that provides a “gmail.de” email address, but also allows for a sort of “hybrid mail” system in which documents can be sent electronically, printed out by the company, and delivered in paper format to local addresses.

Giersch has been successful in German courts so far, which is why German users can’t sign up for “gmail.com” accounts, and he has now taken his fight to the EU office that handles trademark disputes for the continent.

Google is certainly interested in using the Gmail name wherever it can—Giersch claims the company offered him $250,000 for it at one point—but it now looks it will be “Google Mail” throughout Europe.

For More Information Visit Here and Here

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Google Reader should now show videos from YouTube and Google Video (and a few other sites) that you have embedded in your blog posts and articles.

Other video sites they support currently are MySpace, Jumpcut, Grouper, IFILM, Metacafe, Revver, Vimeo, vSocial, and games from Monsters and Critics.

If your favorite site isn’t listed, please tell them in the Reader group.

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Click to call gives you a fast and easy way to speak directly with businesses found on our maps.

When you click the “call” link next to a business’s phone number, you’ll be invited to enter your phone number. Once you select “Connect For Free,” Google Maps calls the number you provided. When you pick up, you will hear ringing on the other end as Maps connects you to the business. When they answer, you simply talk normally as if you had directly dialed their number on your phone.

The business’s phone number appears on your caller ID when Google calls you. This allows you to save the business’s number on your phone so you can quickly call the business again at a later time. In addition, your information will be deleted from their servers after a period reasonably necessary to operate the service. Read Google’s Privacy Policy Here….

Google pays for all calls, both local and long-distance. However, if you give Google a mobile phone number, the normal airtime fees or other fees charged by your phone provider may apply.

Worried about Prank Calls Now !!!

Google takes fraud and spamming very seriously. You won’t be charged for any prank calls. Please contact clicktocall-support@google.com if you believe someone is entering your phone number without your permission or knowledge.

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Google Patent Search

Google Patent Search

With Google Patent Search, you can now search the full text of the U.S. patent corpus and find patents that interest you.

All patents available through Google Patent Search come from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Patents issued in the United States are public domain government information, and images of the entire database of U.S. patents are readily available online via the USPTO website.

Using the same technology that powers Google Book Search, Google has converted the entire image database of U.S. patents into a format that’s easy to search. You can search the full text of U.S. patents from the Google Patent Search homepage, or visit the Advanced Patent Search page to search by criteria like patent number, inventor, and filing date.

Google Patent Search is currently available in English, and it includes only U.S. patents.

You can find Google Patent Search FAQ here.

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Google silently erases its BLUNDER.

Google Blatantly Copies Yahoo!? – a hot topic from yesterday…. Find the details here… and on TechMeme

When I tried looking at the page I was surprised to see the new page. See Here.

I tried Google Search with all sorts of keywords hoping to see the Cached Version…But GOOGLE has erased all its blunders…in short time…

UPDATE: WoW Scoble is pretty fast….See his new post. Hats Off to him….

And Matt Cutts from Google answers back to Jeremy post on copying …See Here.. [Thanks to Scoble]

Robert Scoble has given some pretty good suggestions for Gooogle about handling the situation.

And in another post he says ” Marissa Mayer, VP at Google, dropped by to say hi. Well, OK, she was passing through and I said hi to her. No, I didn’t ask her about what Google is copying from Yahoo. Didn’t have time. I did ask lots of other employees at Google, though, and while no one would own up to knowing who did the copying they assured me he or she was getting a lot of ribbing right now. “.  I feel very sorry for the “COPY MAN”;)

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Google’s Shares Climb Above $500

Google’s shares gained $14.60, or 3 percent to close at $509.65, passing the $500 mark for the first time.

Comparison: Google[GOOG] Vs Yahoo[YHOO] Vs Microsoft[MSFT]

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