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Mac Book Pro

Upgrading my 13″ MBP… To new i7 processor.

This time my MBP configurations are…

2.3Ghz i7 quad core
750gb HDD
Hi res glossy widescreen

Well only thing I feel bad abt the upgradation is the bigger screen size. I wanted these configurations in 13″.

And the evil part is… I have to wait for 6 Weeks for the delivery. Because they don’t have hi-res glossy screens in stock.

Waiting to get hold of my new partner 🙂

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Got my new mac…its damn so good..however being an extensive windows user i could’nt get used to it yet.
When i was in the store, we bought two laptops: a mac and a fujitsu with Vista.
I am very much impressed how apple has packed my mac. Its so thin and very stylish.

Mac Book Pro 1 Mac Book Pro

Once in home, i tried to boot up my mac for the first time. The initial set up was like a breeze.
Even an one year old child can do the initial set up. Believe me…its SO EASY and SIMPLE…

After the initial set up…as apple says…it works completely out of the box. 🙂

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