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iPhone OS 3.0.1

iPhone OS 3.0.1 is out.

Updates are pushed via iTunes. When you connect your iPhone via iTunes, the new updates will be installed.

For the first time users,

Updation will happen like a breeze. I was scared when my updates were going on via iTunes. I was worried that my data will be lost. But none of those disasters happen. Before updation, iTunes takes a back up of the data and then updates the OS. Once updated, it restores the backup.  And iPhone is back to normal state…with new OS 3.0.1

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Browsing on iPhone 3GS

I have never experienced such great browsing speed with my other mobiles. I have been using N95 & XPERIA before my iPhone. Both of them are comparatively slower than my iPhone now.  I am so impressed with my iPhone 3GS that my Mac misses me terribly as I have’nt spent much time with it for internet browsing. Browsing in iPhone is easy & fast. Just connect to your Wireless network and then browse.

And when i am away from my home, I have two options:

1. Browse using Singtel Data Plan

2. Wireless@SG.

One interesting fact about Wireless@SG is that its free until this year. So if you want to subscribe, go grab your id.

For Singtel customers, its very easy to subscribe :

Step 1:

Dial *9434 on your handset

You will Receive a SMS.

Step 2:

Reply <1> to the SMS

You will receive a SMS asking for your NRIC number

Step 3:

Reply <Your NRIC>.

You will receive your user name and password

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When iPhone was released, lots of people complained about the 2 Mega Pixel camera. And I could’nt stop laughing at them when I look at these statistics in Flickr.

iPhone tops the Popular Camera Phones in Flickr. The other camera phones are not even close 😉

Popular Camera Phones In Flickr

Popular Camera Phones In Flickr

Not even that. It is also an equal competitor to cameras as well. It tops the popular Cameras in Flickr :).

Look at the overlap between Canon and iPhone. I am sure that with iPhone 3GS, it can easily make a significant difference.

Popular Cameras In Flickr

Popular Cameras In Flickr

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iPhone 3GS in Singapore

Register in the singtel site and be the first to know about the pricing and details of iPhone 3GS.


Yes Yes…I guess Singtel is bringing up iPhone 3GS in Singapore.


I am bit disappointed though as Starhub is not bringing in iPhone. I like Starhub service and now i am switching to Singtel for iPhone. I guess it would be a good opportunity to try Singtel services 😉

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Pretty cool. It Shows all iPhone features.

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