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It was Awesome…. Good Thriller….

I found hard getting sleep after I saw the movie, I felt as if my bed room was full of snakes…

[Eventhough I will get frightened pretty soon….which will last for a week or so…But this movie is really frightening…]

How I went for the movie:

To be frank, I never heard of this movie until I went to the theater. And I was not intended to watch this movie.

Here goes my story…

Aug 26 2006
My friend has come to my place from India. And we all decided to watch tamil movie “Vetaiyadu Villaiyadu”.
But we could’nt get tickets as it is the first day of the movie in Singapore.

Then I browsed gv.com.sg in searching of good English movies…Found Pirates of Caribean still running..

I was Exited…[I was dying to see this one in IMAX]…And I bought the ticket for the movie in one of the IMAX theater.

We all went to the theater happilly…bought Popcorns, Cokes, Nachos etc., Went to the Cinema Hall..Found that some other movie was running..We were told that the previous session has not ended. We waited for 10 mins..

Then we were restless …went to the counter…

Then we realised that the showtime was Today [Aug 28] 9 PM.. 🙂

What else could we do then…Other than this…
Booked Snakes On a Plane 🙂

Movie Story goes like this..


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