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When iPhone was released, lots of people complained about the 2 Mega Pixel camera. And I could’nt stop laughing at them when I look at these statistics in Flickr.

iPhone tops the Popular Camera Phones in Flickr. The other camera phones are not even close 😉

Popular Camera Phones In Flickr

Popular Camera Phones In Flickr

Not even that. It is also an equal competitor to cameras as well. It tops the popular Cameras in Flickr :).

Look at the overlap between Canon and iPhone. I am sure that with iPhone 3GS, it can easily make a significant difference.

Popular Cameras In Flickr

Popular Cameras In Flickr

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Flickr Helper

Your harddisk crashed ???

You lost all your precious photos ???

Ah Do you have them in Flickr ? Well there is a good news then….You can download all the photos from flickr using a small windows based utility.

Whats the big deal – “I can already download from my Flickr account” ?

Flickr Down

Well using this utility you can download all your photos in Bulk ….:) Yes you read it correct ‘Download in Bulk’.

Install the software…Login to you flickr account…Select the sets you want to download… 🙂

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