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This How-To is based on Chennai Airport. :)) Hope you find this one useful..

Enjoy your travel.. 

1.    Put your essential item into your hand luggage. [Example : Certificates, One set dress and valuable items]
2.    Alight at DEPARTURE area and take trolley from outside. Put your packages and move forward to your entrance (Your Airline entrance)
3.    Army/Police officers are checking your passport and ticket in the first entrance. Similar checking will be happened in the second entrance
4.    Now you can move forward to your Airlines luggage scanning machine. You can scan your luggage. Don’t scan your hand luggage.
5.    After finishing scanning formalities. You can move forward to ticket counter. Counter is labeled with <Your Airlines Eg: Singapore Airlines> <Your Class Eg: Economic>  class. You can follow the queue and wait until your turn. You can pass your ticket and passport to the counter staff.
6.    In this counter they will weigh your check-in package. They will ask you to put your check-in package over the ballet. Yon can do that. They will push your check-in package to inside [Don’t worry they will load this to your flight] If you want windows seat, just you can mention them.
7.    In this counter they will process your boarding card. They will give you boarding card with one form. Collect it everything from counter staff. Now you can put your ticket safely in your hand package. Put your Passport and Boarding card in your
shirt packet.
8.    Fill the form [DEPARTURE PORTION]. Then you can move forward to immigration counter queue. You can wait until your turn.
9.    Immigration Officer may ask you you’re Passport, Boarding card and the form. They will do some process and then they will put seal in you passport [that you are departing from your country on a this date] and boarding card.
10.   Now you can move forward to opposite escalator. This will take you to upstairs.
11.   You can go until your gate number [Gate number – will have in your boarding card]
12.   Security checking will be performed in the entrance.
13.   After there is a big waiting hall. You can sit near with your gate number. Your flight is ready then gate entrance is blinking with green light.
14.   Now you may proceed to your flight

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